Melissa Gaudet’s art piece uses photographic methods with cotton and thread to explore the functionality of memory and the interaction of life and death. This body of artwork speaks of stillness and timelessness, questions of movement and mortality are intertwined. Her latest body of work explores these concepts through new images ranging from vulnerability in the fetal position to strong, tall, stark, and contrasted figures that mirror one's life. The towering subjects above the viewer is to remind oneself that we are all so small within the vast universe. The stars stitched above reminds us that we are all one. We are forever learning, growing, and becoming. The figures are references to Greek mythology stories about coping with one's life. The new images are embedded with secrets of time, and are echoed in blue referencing the silence of the ocean. “Light at the blue end of the spectrum does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us. The world is blue at its edges and in its depth. This blue is the light that got lost” [Solnit 2005]. The overlaying of photographic objects are stitched together allows oneself to travel through time by blending together the past, present and future. This childlike approach is the yearning for the past but learning to embrace the present and accepting the future to come. The preservation of an image extends the life of the subject long after their death, allowing the viewer a specific view into a perceivable history. Wherever You Go, There You Are.

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